When filling a sandbag in any event two individuals, in a perfect world three should partake all the while. All individuals should wear gloves to ensure their hands as certain sandbags are treated with synthetic concoctions to make them last more. One individual from the group should put the vacant pack between or marginally before their across the board feet with a level back and arms broadened กระสอบทรายตั้งพื้น. The opening of the sack is collapsed to shape a neckline, and relentlessly held for the other individual to scoop in the sand. Sandbags are regularly filled totally with sand, this is erroneous. The sand packs ought to be filled close to 66% full to permit viable molding and divider building.

The individual holding the pack ought to remain with twisted legs and keeping their back directly to avert future back torments and keep their head as far away as conceivable from the cabin to maintain a strategic distance from the scoop missing the sandbag and cutting the essence of the sack holder.

On the off chance that the sacks of sand are loaded up with an excess of sand, at that point they could be too substantial to even think about lifting and can make wounds after a drawn out introduction sandbag work. Leaving room in the packs implies that the sandbags can be moved to shape a more tightly seal from the rising water.

In a perfect world, to accelerate the activity more individuals ought to be included. Two individuals will have the option to fill more sandbags on the off chance that they have a third assistant giving the sack holder the vacant sandbags from the parcel of sandbags and afterward taking the filled sandbags when they are finished. On the off chance that the filling of the packs is being done close to where the flood is going on then a line of individuals can be framed and individuals can take the filled sandbags from one individual and pass the filled sandbag to the following individual, etc, shaping a consistent stream of sandbags on the hold up to their goal.

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