The OSI Spinal Table (Spinal Surgery Top) from Mizuho OSI is commonly referred to as the Jackson Table. The Spinal Surgery Top (Jackson Table) is one part of the Modular Table System (MTS). The second part is the Advanced Control Base. This base has a multifunctional frame that holds multiple different types of tops for a multitude of procedures. The Control Base is the primary component of the OSI Spinal Jackson Table. The frame supports a variety of procedures including; Orthopedic Fracture and Trauma, Pelvic Reconstruction, Orthopedic and Neuro-Spine, Pain Management, and general procedures. The Advanced Control Modular base of the jackson table can hold three different tops including; the Spinal Surgery Top, Radiolucent Imaging Top, and the Orthopedic Trauma Top. Attached to the Advanced control base, the Spinal Surgery top, provides exceptional C-arm and O-arm access.

Rotation Procedures

The jackson table has a unique design that allows the surgeon to rotate the patient safely about the horizontal axis. The rotational capability provides many unique advantages including specific imaging techniques. The jackson table allows the ability to perform a 360-degree rotation without removing the patient from the table, combining the anterior and posterior positioning during a single operating room visit.

180-Degree Patient Rotation

The 180-degree patient rotation sequence on the jackson table is designed to allow a patient to be rotated completely from the supine to the prone position or visa Soma Technology versa. Make sure to read the positioning sequence described in your operator’s manual to do this safely. In most instances, the patient will be repositioned for posterior spine surgery after the anterior spine surgery has been completed.

Wilson Plus Radiolucent Wilson Frame

The Wilson Plus Radiolucent Wilson Frame for the jackson table may be used in place of the chest, hip, and thigh pads for positioning on the spinal top. The Wilson Plus spinal flexion frame positioner has a carbon composite construction which allows for unrestricted radiolucency and c-arm integration. It is also adjustable intraoperatively and provides a convenient and stable method of maintaining a patient in the flexed position on the jackson table. Your facility can use the Wilson Frame for laminectomy, decompression, or even microdiscectomy surgeries.

Mizuho OSI 5943 Spinal Surgery Top – Jackson Table Features

The Mizuho OSI 5943 Spinal Surgery Top for the Mizuho OSI 5803 Advanced Control Base (jackson table) has a carbon fiber construction and provides an open design. Featuring individual positioning pads that are mounted on the Advanced Control Modular Base, these support the patient in a position for spinal surgery. When the jackson table Spinal Surgery top is utilized in conjunction with the Radiolucent Imaging Top, a patient can be easily repositioned from the supine to the prone position in the jackson table.

  • Carbon fiber frame provides complete radiolucency
  • Unrestricted C-arm and O-arm access while utilizing the jackson table
  • 360-degree patient rotation when used in conjunction with the Radiolucent Imaging Top
  • Lateral Tilt (25 degrees) in both directions
  • Hand Pendant of the Advanced Control Base of the controls the height, Lateral Tilt (roll),  Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg
  • The Open frame on the jackson table reduces vena cava compression, minimizes epidural venous bleeding and improving visualization at the surgical site
  • Customized support pads enhance positioning patients with varying body types

The jackson table advanced control base features dual column design, easy C-arm access, AC and battery operation, powered lateral life and table articulations. Other features include hand pendant controls, safety lock statuses, H-Frame storage brackets, and four locking casters.


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